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NoAD Toolbox
What is NoAD Toolbox?
Key Features
What is NoAD Toolbox?
NoAD Toolbox is a set of system tweaking tool provided totally for free.
Key Features
Clean PC
NoAD Toolbox can cleanse your system by removing history and stored private information. Traces of your private information will be swiped clean from your system.
Start Program Management
NoAD Toolbox can identify and manage start programs of your system. No more unknown tray icons sneaking next to the clock every time you boot.
ActiveX Block
You can set NoAD Toolbox to block any ActiveX that you select.
Process Management
NoAD Toolbox can show you processes running on your computer and CPU/memory usage. You can see detailed informations of running processes and terminate unnecessary or malicious processes.
System Informations
You can check OS informations and hardware specifications of your computer.
Windows Update
NoAD Toolbox keeps your windows up to date.
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